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Working With A 5-Star Answering Service

As a young team with big dreams of reaching the top of our industry, we wanted to spread the word about our services as quickly and effectively as possible. This is why we created our vendor profile on Clutch. Collecting reviews and feedback will quickly establish us as a trustworthy team companies can rely on.

We are quite happy to report that we are quite successful in this endevor, as we’ve quickly collected a number of five-star reviews from clients. This latest project is special because of the added effect it’s having on our growth.

The company we worked with on this project was a website and app development company that needed assistance managing emergency after-hour calls. Because of these requirements, our team was top of mind because we were one of the few teams that had experience providing emergency support.

The caller-flow is fairly straightforward, after we receive the call and determine all the required details. After that, we connect the caller to the technician with all the information they need to resolve the situation. Those that want more specific information on what we did can read the client’s full review on our Clutch profile.

Another thing that can be found on Clutch is our ranking as one of the top voice and call centers in Durham. It’s a big deal, especially for a young team like ours to be recognized like this, and we fully intend to use this opportunity to take our services to the next level.

Call Solutions Group provides professional telephone answering services for emergency, holiday, after-hours and standard business hours— with over a decade of telephone answering service experience for your industry, you’ve found the perfect solution to ensure your calls are answered promptly anytime of day or night.

Our team of professional, caring and versatile operators provides your callers with the courteous, professional service the have come to expect from your business, no matter the time of day or the reason they are calling.

Proudly providing compassionate care for all funeral directors answering services and friendly florist answering services, we also have experience in towing and contractor message taking and dispatch services.

Learn more about our team and what kind of difference we can make for your operations by visiting our website. Contact our team at your earliest convenience and we can begin talking about how we can work together.

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